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Colour television advertisement for Draught Guinness starring The Chieftains. Advert opens with close-up view of bodhran skin followed by close up view of foam on top of a pint of Guinness as a voiceover begins: ‘The beat of the bodhran, the cream of the head, the unmistakeable taste, the unmistakeable sound’. Shots of the Chieftains playing a daytime concert under a tensioned fabric structure at the Knoxville World's Fair and playing as a group in a studio interspersed with shots of the band enjoying Draught Guinness in O'Neals Balloon Bar and Restaurant in New York. Martin Fay is recognised by and signs autographs for two ladies, one of whom is wearing a Guinness t-shirt, outside the bar. Individual to-camera pieces by Paddy Moloney, Matt Molloy, and Sean Keane. Advert concludes with view of a pint of Guinness in a branded tulip glass bathed in a spotlight. Caption and voiceover: "No beer comes near". Agency: Arks Ltd Production companies: Arks Advertising, Morris, Russell, Avis (Windmill Lane), Ads On Film Director: Tiernan MacBride Producer: Ward Fleming Camera: Bestick Williams, Victor Purcell, Seamus Corcoran Make up: Toni Delany, Joan O'Hare Filmed 24 July 82 (Slane concert); 8 & 10 Sept. 82 (Church of Ireland Hall, Rathmines); 9 Sept. 82 (Windmill Lane studio; Knoxville World Fair; O'Neals Baloon, New York City; 12 Jan. 83 (Film Lighting Facilities Studio, Sandyford Industrial Estate [Sean Keane & Kevin Coneff]) Cast: The Chieftains Isabel Grandin - bar girl (New York) Greg Bauer - bar man (New York) Tom Cashin - bar customer (New York) Jan Stickley - girl on street (New York) Sonja Stuart - girl on street (New York) Diane Erickson - bar customer (New York) Doug Stark - older counter customer (New York) Voiceover: Niall Toibin Music: specially composed by The Chieftains

6/26/23, 11:10 AM

Colour television advertisement for Draught Guinness featuring the band, Clannad, in a concert setting and composing the song "Into the Dark". Advert opens with views of Amsterdam at night before camera zooms in on exterior shot of the Concertgebouw building with a Clannad banner hanging outside. Dissolve to view of band onstage as Pól Brennan introduces the next song by saying: "This song is about a famous pint, it's called 'Into the Dark' and we hope you like it". Stage morphs into a pint of Guinness, with the band standing on its head. View of Clannad members on a bridge in Amsterdam before they make their way to a nearby bar with a Waterford tankard Draught Guinness sign hanging outside to join Ciaran Brennan sitting at the bar. Brennan voiceover "You never know how good a pint can be until you've had a pint of Guinness." Brennan picks up a pint of Guinness in a branded tulip glass, saying "Now that's what I call a pint, beautiful" before taking a sip. Advert concludes with view of band finishing performance on stage as Pól Brennan turns to the other members and says "I think they'll like it". Final caption and voiceover: "No beer comes near". Filmed: 8 July 1985 (Wicklow Head), 9-12 July 1985 (Amsterdam, concert) & 17 January 1986 (band at bar) Director: Gerry Poulson, Productoin company: Gerry Poulson Associates, Camera: Brendan Maguire (Wicklow Head, Amsterdam concert) & B. Williams (band at bar), Special effects: Geoff Axtell (GAX) Laboratories, February 1986, Sound: Windmill Lane, 4 March 1986, Music: Clannad, Voiceover: J. Ryan, Agency: Arks Ltd.

6/26/23, 11:51 AM

Colour television advertisement for Draught Guinness starring Elkie Brooks. Advert opens with view of jet's nose emblazoned with the signature of Elkie Brooks followed by brief view of Brooks singing at a microphone. Freeze and cut to image being pasted up as outdoor posters. Cut to view of Brooks descending from private jet alongside a man holding a dog on a leash and greeting fans. Shots of pints of Draught Guinness in tulip glasses and bottles of Guinness Extra Stout interspersed with shots of Brooks leaving the Shelbourne Hotel, shopping, and drinking with friends. To-camera piece by Brooks saying: "Two things come very naturally to me. Singing the blues and sinking a Guinness." Advert concludes with shot of Brooks drinking Guinness from a goblet. Caption and voiceover: "No beer comes near". Director - Tiernan MacBride Producer - Ward Fleming Camera - Seamus Corcoran Make up - Toni Delany, Joan O'Hare Filmed 13 Dec. 82 (Peppermint Nightclub & Flamingo Night Club, Parke's Hotel Stillorgan; Dublin Airport); 14 Dec. 82 (Film Lighting Facilities Studio, Sandyford Industrial Estate; Shelbourne Hotel; Powerscourt Shopping Centre); 12 Jan. 83 (Film Lighting Facilities Studio, Sandyford Industrial Estate [poster pasting scene]) Cast: Elkie Brooks Jean O'Reilly - friend Nicholas O'Brien, Anthony Head, Sharon Murphy - friend & band Jerry Coyle - friend & roadie Vincent McDonnell - manager John Delahunt - barman Leo Donnelly - older man Sean Gaule - poster paster Fionnuala Monks, Marie Gilmartin, Grainne Maguire - Elkie Brooks stand-in Donald Hounan, Eileen Moore, George Keegan - journalists Tom Collins, Johnathon Heshan, Tony O'Shea - photographers Paul Ashe Brown - chauffeur Jackie Hutchinson - sophisticated lady Jean Rutledge - shop assistant James McHale - band sax Denis O'Reilly - band drums Brendan Hederman, Candido Blazquez - rehearsal roadies Production companies: Ads On Film, Morris, Russell, Avis (Windmill Lane) Agency: Arks Ltd.

6/26/23, 11:51 AM

Colour television commercial for Draught Guinness. The advertisement opens in a busy bar/nightclub, where a rock group are playing a song on stage which begins: ‘Get together, get together, join the people all together...’ Views of band performing interspersed with views of people drinking Guinness including one man who calls for a second drink after finishing his first. Shows views of red Draught fount bearing Waterford tankard symbol, and Guinness bottles and pints. The advert concludes with a close-up of branded Waterford tankard with the caption: ‘Get together with a Guinness’. Cast:Geraldine Brannigan - singer; Robin Askwith - singer; Christopher Biggins - customer, Production company: Gerry Poulson Associates (GPA), Agency: Arks Ltd.

6/26/23, 11:51 AM

Colour television commercial for Guinness Extra Stout. Advert opens with view of an orchestra and conductor on stage. As the orchestra members raise their hands to begin playing, it becomes apparent that they are holding bottles of Guinness Extra Stout and bottle openers rather than instruments. Orchestra members proceed to open bottles and pour Guinness into Wellington goblet glasses in time to the music of Strauss's Wiener Blut Op. 354 waltz, interspersed with close up views of a bottle of Guinness being poured. Advert concludes as music ends and orchestra members perform a standing ovation before drinking from their glasses of Guinness. Agency: JWT. Director: Tony Lawson. Production Company: Lawson-Duffley. Producer: Roger Smith. Cast: Peggy Ann Jones (harpist), John Carney (orchestra member), Ellis Jones (flautist), Michael Rowlett (trombonist), Roger Elliot (flautist), John Golder (flautist), Jonty Miller (orchestra member), Peter Green (orchestra member), Tony Cowan (violinist).

6/9/23, 4:21 PM

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