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Guinness Exports Limited Television Advertising

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Advertising



6/26/23, 1:20 PM

Colour advertisement of Guinness Stout with an English speaking male VO. Advert opens with a stop-motion 'G' comprised of Guinness Stout bottles and cuts into a close-up view of a hand pouring the bottled Stout into a Victoria Goblet. The advert intercuts between various farm scenes and the Guinness pour. The farm scenes feature a harvester cutting through fields of barley, a grey horse in a fenced field, a man driving a horse and cart with oast houses in the background laden with filled burlap sacks of hops, two men cutting open one burlap sack labelled "Guinness" and emptying its contents. Advert ends with a kaleidoscope view of Guinness Stout and the culmination of the Guinness pour. VO: "The Goodness of Guinness".

6/26/23, 11:51 AM

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